USAG Region 2 Championships 2017

Our competing gymnasts were :

Maura Lenzi, Caryl Lacsina, MacKenzie VanNatta, Naomi Crittendon, Katie Verkuyl and Jordan Marchand

Here are some of the highlights (top 10 finishes):

MacKenzie VanNatta All Around Champion (Senior B Division) – 1st Place on Floor – 1st Place on Beam – 4th on Vault – 9th on Bars

MacKenzie’s all around score of 37.85 was the high score of the 3rd session and fourth highest for all level 8’s in the meet!

USGA Region 2 Championships 2016-2017


Katie Verkuyl All Around Champion (Senior A Division) – 1st Place on Floor – 2nd Place on Beam – 7th Place on Vault – 8th Place on Bars

USGA Region 2 Championships 2016-2017


Naomi Crittendon – 5th Place All Around (Senior A Division) – 1st Place on Beam – 4th Place on Vault – 4th Place on Floor


Jordan Marchand – 9th Place All Around (Senior C Division) – 5th Place on Bars – 6th Place on Vault


Caryl Lacsina – 6th Place on Floor (Junior B Division)


Maura Lenzi – 8th Place on Bars (Child B Division) – tie for 5th Place on Beam


2017 Top 10 Compulsory State Finishers

Level 2 Team placed 1st at the South Sound Sectionals!

                               Level 2

                  Jazzlyn-Rei Smith - 1st place

 Kennedy Evangelista - 1st place   Hokulani Mose - 2nd place  

 Jessica Rotari - 1st place                Emily Poling - 3rd place


                             Level 3

Jenna Baglio 3rd          Amy Pham 2nd

Lakiyah Harvey 4th     Chloe Simeon 8th

                            Level 4

Jenna Quigley 2nd        Giselle Bisarra 3rd

Julia Davis 7th               Cora Smith 7th

Larkin Blue 9th              Aleyia Franklin 9th

Brenna Stirling 9th       Alison Whalen 9th

        Destiny Simmons-Cornelius 9th

Top 10 Optional State Finishers 2016/2017

                                                                                                                               Compulsory All Star Team

                                                                                                                            Julia Davis       Aleyia Franklin    Chloe Simeon    

                                                                                                                                   Jenna Baglio                     Amy Pham

Compulsory All-Stars

Level 6

Team placed 9th in State!

Kayla Armstrong 3rd Mackenzie Allard 4th

Makya Dawson 7th Dakota Berry 10th

Chloe Robinson 10th

Level 7

Team placed 5th in State!

Kailiyana Bigayan 3rd Hannah Lorenz 3rd

Fatima Hernandez 4th Sydney Buckholz 5th

Yana Healy 5th Addison Day-Esson 6th

Sadie Smith 8th Tayalicia Brooks 9th


Level 8

Team placed 4th in State!

Katie Verkuyl 1st MacKenzie VanNatta 2nd Jordan Marchand 3rd Naomi Crittendon 4th

Caryl Lacsina 4th Maura Lenzi 8th

Kendall Walls 8th


Top 10 Optional Regionals (WA, OR, ID, MO, AL, HI)

MacKenzie VanNatta 1st Katie Verkuyl 1st

Naomi Crittendon 5th


2016 Top 10 Optional State Finishers 

Level 6    

  • Julia Beardemphl 4th 

  • Tayalicia Brooks 7th            

  • Caryl Lacsina 7th 

  • Hannah Lorenz 5th 

  • Jordan Riggs 7th 

  • Sadie Smith 8th 


Level 8 

  • Naomi Crittendon 10th

  • Jordan Marchand 10th 

  • Olivia Reardon 5th 

2016 Top 10 Compulsory State Finishers

Level 2  

  • Destiney Simmons-Cornelious 5th 

  • Jazmine Dearlove 5th 

  • Bella Hamilton 9th 

  • Alli McGhinnis 4th 

  • Ellori Moon 2nd  

  • Chloe Sanchez 10th 

  • Brenna Stirling 1st  

  • Alison Whalen 4th 

Level 3

  • Emili Adachi 5th 

  • Jessica Algeo 9th

  • Jenna Baglio 10th 

  • Gisselle Bisarra 3rd  

  • Anna Edwards 8th 

  • Zoe Edwards 8th

  • Malaya Jove 5th 

  • Zoe McIntosh 3rd 

  • Amy Pham 7th  

  • Emma Pires 6th 

  • Jenna Quigley 10th 

  • McKenna Whitney 10th 

Level 4 

  • Kayla Armstrong 2nd 

  • Claire Bailey 8th 

  • Kailiyana Bigayan 3rd 

  • Kyla Eastman 1st 

  • Alexandria Guaydacan-Castello 5th 

  • Samara Lonzaga 5th 

  • Alison McDougall 8th 

  • Ciana Nolasco 8th 

  • Isabella Presley 9th 

  • Anneka Skoog 2nd 

2014/2015 SEASON

Hannah Hamlin, Level 9

  • Regionals 1st bars/ 1st AA

  • Westerns 10th beam

  •  Y-Nationals- 2nd AA Championship

Level 7 Optionals State Meet, Individual Top 10 Finishers

Olivia in 1st

  • Olivia Reardon - 1st

  • Amaya Evans - 4th

  • Mackensie Vanetta - 5th

  • Katherine Verkuyl - 9th

Level 8 - 1st Place Team, Y Nationals

2015 Y Nationals Level 8 1st Place

Level 3 Team Washington State Champions


Level 3 Individual Top 10 Finishers (In their age divisions)

  • Cecily Olson - 1st

  • Kailiyana Bigayan - 1st

  • Anneka Skoog - 1st

  • Emerson Trim - 2nd

  • Yana Healey - 3rd

  • Claire Bailey - 5th

  • Zoe McIntosh - 10th

Level 4 Individual Top 10 Finishers (In their age divisions)

  • Jordan Riggs - 1st

  • Hannah Lorenz - 1st

  • Julia Beardemphl - 1st

  • Tayalicia Brooks - 5th

  • Sadie Smith - 5th

  • Fatima Hernandez - 5th

*** 7 level 3 and level 4 Grace Gymnasts made it on to the "All-Star Team" which takes the top 12 gymnasts from each level at the Sectionals (Region) Championships to then join with the other top gymnasts from the SOUTH region to compete against the other regions from around the state at a separate meet on the same weekend as the State meet.

South Region Gymnasts from Grace Gymnastics

Grace Gymnastics South Region Level 4's